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VortexBox is a free, open source (GPL v3), quick-install ISO that turns your unused computer into an easy-to-use music server/jukebox. Once VortexBox has been loaded on an unused PC, it will automatically rip CDs to FLAC and MP3 files, ID3 tag the files , and download the cover art. Vortexbox will then serve the files to network media players such as Logitech Squeezebox, Sonos, or Linn. The music files can also be streamed to a Windows or Mac OSX system.


  • Convert an old PC to a CD ripper / jukebox / NAS in 15 minutes.
  • Based on Fedora so it's easy to modify.
  • Automatically tags all files from online music database.
  • Automatically downloads the cover art.
  • Automatic sharing of file to SMB (Microsoft) file shares.
  • Automatic re-indexing Squeezebox Server after every CD is ripped.
  • DAAP - Automatically shares all MP3s for streaming to iTunes and Roku Soundbridge.
  • NFS - For Linux boxes and almost anything else, Solaris etc.
  • DLNA support - Play music and video DLNA enabled players, XBOX 360,PS3, Windows 7 etc.
  • PLEX Mediaserver for video, audio, and picture streaming
  • Good support for Sonos.
  • Works well as a back end server for XBMC (XBOX Media Center) running on XBOX, Windows, OSX, AppleTV, or Linux.

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